Media Strategy

Strategy drives everything.

What, exactly, does success equal? How, exactly, do you make money? What does the competitive landscape look like? Where does your business position itself relative to the competition? What are your customers doing? What are you trying to accomplish online? These are the questions that crystallize strategy, define goals and shape the media plan.

We engage in "digital forensics", uncovering what you and your competition are doing from a media, tracking and experience perspective. This helps us shape your strategy.

How do we do this? Investment in research tools, such as Nielsen/Netratings AdRelevance, eMarketer and Nielsen Netratings @plan to get to these answers. We also dive deep and engage in grassroots research to understand what is happening outside of aided media and aided experience.

Finally, we become clients of each our client. We do this to understand the products we market through firsthand experience. Our team will follow the entire consumer path, from media touch point to sign up, registration or purchase, taking notes from both the consumer and marketer perspectives, to ultimately to determine the best media mix for your campaign.


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